Harry Potter – Hedwig Necklace


Always assumed your Harry Potter acceptance letter got lost in the post?
Well wait no longer. Here is your chance to own your very own miniature Harry Potter acceptance letter, complete with owl!


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This Harry Potter inspired necklace is a must have for all Harry Potter fans. It includes a miniature Hogwarts acceptance letter in a small detailed envelope, as well as your very own owl charm to deliver it.
Perfect for anyone who feels that their acceptance letter got lost in the post!

Product Details & Measurements (Approximate):
Initial Chain Length: 71 cm
Letter Chain Length: 7.5 cm

Hedwig Length: 2.5 cm
Hedwig Width: 3 cm

Letter Charm Width: 2 cm
Letter Charm Length: 1.5 cm
Folded Letter Size: 2 cm x 3.6 cm

Colour: Bronze